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CHIROPRACTIC HELP #18: Shoulder pain
October 05, 2010


Chiropractic Help newsletter # 18 (October 2010)

Greetings once again from Chiropractic Help, and the search for better health.

As I've stressed many times before, better health is not rocket science. It's about the little things that make up the healthy life style. Like eating more fibre, particularly water soluble fibre for a healthy bowel. Adding an apple a day to your diet and regularly using hummus or tofu for vegetable protein isn't that difficult, huh! Taking a walk in the sun every day, adding the coloured salads to your lunch... and attending to subluxations before they turn a joint into Immobilisation Arthritis, of course... it's these little things that provide the foundation of the healthy life.

  • APPLE DIET ...


    A change to olive oil and avocado for healthy fats... keeping your weight in trim... really these are profound and SIMPLE changes that will add quality years to your life.



    Shoulder pain

    Shoulder pain usually starts after minor trauma or an unaccustomed activity. Using a heavy drill, painting the ceiling... the key is prevention. Firstly a few exercises for the neck and shoulders before beginning your drilling. At the moment, as you may know I've just returned to my native South Africa to discover the jungle has returned to our large garden. Every morning begins with two hours using a chainsaw. It's heavy, demanding and unaccustomed work. Just the sort of activity that could set up shoulder pain. So, a few warm-up rotator cuff strengthening exercises, just as if one was preparing for a baseball match. ROTATOR CUFF STRENGTHENING ...

  • One of the most painful and debilitating conditions faced at the Chiropractic Coalface is the frozen shoulder. It's a complex condition which, untreated, medicine reckons will abate naturally over three years. Three years of living hell. Nights are disturbed, dressing is difficult, putting on a coat in the winter is well-nigh impossible and the routine activities like getting the Quaker Oats box out of the cupboard become very painful. FROZEN SHOULDER ...

  • The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles (if you regularly enjoy a shoulder of mutton, then you are well acquainted with the rotator cuff muscles!) to which for simplicity we will add the Biceps muscle.

    The shoulder joint is very shallow to allow for greater range of motion, but this also creates more difficulties for the shoulder. The arm bone, the humerus, is tightly held in place by ligaments and the rotator cuff muscles. These muscles work together in harmony to enable one, for example, to bounce a flat pebble across a pond ... ROTATOR CUFF SYNDROME ...


    The AC joint is a vital pivot in the shoulder, located right at the tip of the shoulder. Injured frequently in falls on the outstretched arm, it has the dubious distinction for being the second most arthritic joint in the body (after the thumb). Mobilising and adjusting this joint is one of the reasons why chiropractic treats shoulder joint injuries so successfully.

    It's a good idea to rotate the abducted (raised sideways) shoulders in both directions every morning, and again before strenuous exercise such as cleaning the windows, painting the ceilings and using the chainsaw! Prevention of shoulder pain, far better than a cure...

    A walk in the sun

    Having just spent seven long winters in the Netherlands, around 50 degrees north of the equator, I know full well how feeling down, even truly depressed can knock one in the long nights of December and January. Going to work in the dark, returning home in the dark, yes it's not pleasant, and has profound knock-on health effects. The declining natural light entering the eyes as the sun takes his annual hibernation in the sunny southern hemisphere means less stimulation of the pineal gland, the source of the feel-good hormones.

    The solution? Start now taking a walk every lunch time, apple and hummus sandwich in hand BEFORE your brain goes into the hibernation response due to a lack of light. Start BEFORE the mood swings. Start today. Simple, profound, it's not rocket science. If everyone did it, you'd put the psychiatrist, the gastro-enterologist, the orthopaedic surgeon and the chiropractor out of business! And the drug companies. Just don't slip on the ice come December...

    North or South, wear a hat. A melanoma aint fun.



    Scientists have discovered that any joint that is immobilised, whether by being put in a cast for a prolonged period or fixated by a subluxation, quite rapidly becomes arthritic. It's the most common cause of an arthritic neck or back and prevention of Immobilisation Arthritis lies at the heart of Chiropractic care.


    A Mood Apart

    Dr Peter Whybrow

    Talking of mood swings, this month we feature not a Chiropractic book, but a Psychiatric book. Truly this is one of the most profound books I have ever read. Absolutely intriguing. Dr Whybrow is a neurophysiologist and describes using case histories the chemical changes involved with mood that occur deep within our brains.

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    "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. "

    Edmund Burke, C18 statesman

    Until next month then. Do your low back exercises, that's the area where Chiropractic comes into its own, but without those exercises... the pain will be back, sooner rather than later. And of course your shoulder.

    We are planning to put our low back exercises on the site, but it's technically challenging, and you'll have to wait a few months. The very basic lumbar exercises you can get by signing up for Chiropractic Tips.

    Important tip: You don't have to rush off to the doctor or chiropractor if you have some low back pain, but... if starts down your leg then please don't delay. See your local chiropractor. That way you are less likely to end up under the knife than if you consult your doctor first. Dinkum. Research proves it.

    Dr Barrie Lewis DC

    This is the second month we have had 100 000 pages read at Chiropractic Help. Thank you for your support and obviously it's filling a need.

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