Winged scapula deep pain restricted movement pain down arm

by Ally
(Sydney )

Does shoulder abduction bring relief or increase the pain?

Does shoulder abduction bring relief or increase the pain?

Hi, I have pain around my shoulder blade and pain down my arm; I also get weird sensations in my shoulder blade area and in my arm and I have restricted movement; I can't lift my arm up high or move it into certain positions.

Hello Ally,
Are you unable to lift your arm because it hurts, or because it's weak? It's an important diagnostic question.

Winging of the scapula and inability to lift your arm due to weakness, rather than pain, definitely calls for a neurological consultation.

If however your disability is due to pain, then a careful examination is needed to elicit where the primary problem lies. It could be in your neck, or the upper back, or the first rib, or the AC joint, and others.

It's time for a professional consult to establish the diagnosis and way forward; otherwise you may become permanently disabled.

Dr B

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