What should I do?

by Chloe

I was carrying totes up the stairs today, when I stepped on one of the stairs and then my ankle turned to its side and I heard a cracking or popping noise and also felt it.

I fell and immediately burst into tears because of the pain; my mom put ice on it to help keep any swelling down.

There hasn’t been any swelling or bruising in the first 40 minutes of it happening but pain is very strong. My mom doesn’t think it’s broken, fractured or anything like that and I don’t either but is there a chance for a sprain or strain, or something in that concept?

Hello Chloe,
Sorry about the delay in answering this.

When you have severe pain and know that something bad has happened then it's usually best to see a professional right away.

But now we are a couple weeks down the line; has the pain let up, and can you walk relatively normally? If not, then it's definitely time to consult someone. Your doctor, or a chiropractor or physiotherapist whom you know is experienced in treating ankle injuries. Ask around.

Two things are important for the long term. Firstly you absolutely must get over this completely and that means rehab exercises; you'll need help but there are some ankle exercises at Chiropractic Help. Keep doing them regularly for some months.

And secondly, remember that the pain goes away faster than it heals; just because it feels okay, doesn't mean you can go back on the hockey field. You'll just turn it again, and then it's often even worse.

Let me know how you are getting on, and again apologies for the late reply.

Dr B

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