Weak ankles and knees and hips

I think my problems began when I twisted my ankles and never went to my doctor. But before that I started to have pain in my knee with swelling and redness. I have been in pain for 15 years with doctors not giving me proper answers.

My ankles are so weak. I use orthotics. My knees are inverted and 2 of my discs are degenerating. My flutes and buttocks are always tight and sore. I'm in pain all the time. I'm only 36 and don't want to be like this forever.

Of course you don't want to be like that for ever, Peely. But obviously some for intervention is very necessary.

The feet and ankles are the foundation of everything above that. When they start to misbehave, then the knees, hips, sacroiliac joints and lower back all begin to complain in sympathy.

I recommend you start looking for a chiropractor who specialises in the feet.

Dr B

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