by Virginia
(Crestwood IL)

I had problem with my lover back. I visit chiropractor,he did x-rays,did treatment,and i went home happy! After 2 days i have to go back,to see my x-rays results,and of course i have some problems! I was thinking,i have to come later,because i have finance problems. He asked me,if i would like treatment,and i sad -yes! I came home,and i start feel pain in by ribs,around my breast, and i still working,try to ignore my pain,and was thinking,it's probably some muscle problem,but, when this pain get worse every day,i decide to call office,and tell them,how i feel! And ...i feel sooo bad,i feel like my ribs feels broken! And today doc check me and told me i have dislocated bone! OMG,i think,that's really bad,and i have to go to work,and i am caregiver! i have to help my old lady with everything,i am not an office mouse,lol!. And now i am thinking,what i supposed to do? I can't do this job,because my bones never got healed!!!That's my biggest problem! If i would be rich,i can stay home ,lay in a bed,and rest,but now,i just can't! What's your advice?

I'm sorry Virginia but google downgrades sites that use poor grammar and I don't have the time or inclination; you raise valid questions. Resubmit in English and I'll gladly answer.

Dr B

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