untreated sprained leg

by sushil
(bhilai, chhatisgarh, india)

sparined leg untreated after 21 days

sparined leg untreated after 21 days

I have got a sprain in my ankle 21 days ago; at that time a lot of swelling was there but after treating by some home remedies on my ankle swelling was gone but I feel pain when I walk, and can't twist my ankle fully up and fully down; what should I do.

Hello Sushil,
With the common inversion sprain of the ankle, with or without tearing of the ligaments as you probably have had, looking at the photo, often there is simultaneously a subluxation of the talus bone. Walking remains painful.

A fracture is always possible too, in which case what I'm about to say will aggravate it. What's really needed is a proper examination.

But since you are unlikely to find a chiropractor in your neck of the woods, try this.

Lie on your back with your leg out straight. Ask a friend to cup the heel with one hand, and your foot with the other, and then distract the ankle by pulling down the long axis of the leg; it might help.

Dr B

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