Untreated sprained ankle

by Destiny

I sprained my ankle a couple years ago; I did nothing about it but rest it. About a year ago I sprained it again on a walk, like fall to the ground sprain. I got up and walked home and told everyone I was fine. The ankle never healed.

In the winter it is so sore, and I still have swelling in the ankle and around my lower leg, like very lower leg. I wrap it sometimes, but this doesn't really take care of the pain I still get. Is it possible to see a Dr at this point and get a referral for a specialist? Can therapy help after this long of not getting help?

Hello Destiny,
A careful, thorough examination, that will probably include xrays is long overdue.

Whenever you have an injury and you know you're not getting better, then the longer you delay, the greater chance you'll have a life long disability. I'm don't believe in rushing off to the doctor or chiropractor for every little pain, but a year is far too long.

In the first instance, you need a diagnosis, then one can start to think about the appropriate treatment.

Do it, soon. Keeping to this thread, let us know what comes of the examination.

Medic? Chiro? Your choice.

Dr B

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