Untreated ankle sprain

by Janica

Untreated ankle sprain may become arthritic.

I sprained my right ankle; from what I read it's an inversion. I did not go to the hospital and for a xray because of financial difficulty.

I have blood clots and I can't put some weight on it; I just drink some pain killers and put a bandage on it.

Well, it's been a year since I sprained it and I know that my ankle is not properly healed. What are the possible things that would happen in the future of my untreated ankle sprain?

Hello Janica,
There are so many possible things that can happen when you sprain your ankle; you have fractured something, frequently a bone is subluxated, ligaments torn and muscles strained.

Joints not in motion become arthritic and it can be very debilitation; every step becomes a nightmare. I'd start with an xray of your ankle.

Then you need to start looking for someone who works with ankles. Ask your friends and family, and your family doctor.

Dr b

» Untreated ankle sprain

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