untreated ankle injury from 2 years ago

by jacob abrams

As stated above I had a very severe inversion ankle sprain about two years ago. I didn't have health insurance at the time so I couldn't afford a trip to the doctor but eventually after some rest my ankle got to the point where I could walk effectively so I managed the pain and went about my business.

At this point I am noticing some symptoms as far as my natural weight distribution being different than it use to be. I am suffering some hip tightness and some pain on the outside of my knee while walking. I am just curious if it is too late to fix any of these symptoms by doing some of those rehab exercises on my ankle or if it is too late and I require surgery?

Thanks for all your help.

Hello Jacob,
First a plea; it falls on deaf ears in the main. If you have no insurance then take that money and invest it every month in a dedicated health account. Then this sort of potentially very expensive sequela can be avoided.

Prevention always was better than a cure, and still is!

Any one of many things may have happened in your ankle, but it clearly it's changed your gait and is now having a knock on effect in your knee and hip.

Along with tearing of ligaments often there is a subluxation of one of the small ankle joints; it's usually very easy to restore, particularly if done immediately. Neglected and you sit with a heap of problems.

Try the ankle exercises and they may release that subluxation if you're lucky, but most likely you need to start hunting for someone who works with feet and ankles; don't accept expensive orthotics as the solution.

Dr B

» untreated ankle injury from 2 years ago

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