unending horror of shoulder pain

by Cynthia
(Brooklyn NY )

Unending horror of shoulder pain.

I was working as a Home Care Aide, and took my client to have a shower. That was the day she died. Putting her back to bed I felt pain in my left shoulder. It continued to get worse as the months passed.

My range in motion is limited and my sleeping is affected. I am in constant pain.

Hello Cynthia,
Don't feel alone; shoulder pain can indeed be a horror and may be complicated by deep sorrow at the sadness of the death of the good lady, depending on how close you were to her.

It's speculative but I would guess that you strained a rotator cuff muscle whilst lifting her; it's now turning into a frozen shoulder.

The literature is not very encouraging; it can take up to four years to go over, and commonly takes twelve months or more, whatever the treatment.

My experience with chiropractic is that the pain is usually about halved within a month or two, but the full range of motion may not return for a year or more.

You can live some reduced range of motion, but not with the pain. It is indeed often worse at night.

The key to a successful outcome is absolutely avoid anything, but try to keep using the arm. Put it in a sling and your shoulder will turn to concrete. Start doing our frozen shoulder exercises, gently, within the painful range of motion, but after a few weeks gently going into the painful zone. Gently.

The lower cervical spine, the first rib, the acromio clavicular joint and the subscapularis muscle are often involved and must be examined and addressed.

Often the upper thoracics and the rhomboids too.

It's a complex syndrome each often unique in its own way; each one is a challenge to the doctor. Pills don't seem to help.

Start looking for a chiropractor who has a FICS, sports chiropractic post graduate qualification; ask the local association for a name.

You can expect to have something like two treatments a week for a month, and then continuing less frequently for months sometimes.

It's imperative that you find a chiropractor who will do more than just adjust your spine. And you must faithfully do those exercises.

You haven't mentioned any treatment; the unending horror of shoulder pain suggests you may have left this too long. As a rule of thumb, when you know a condition is not getting better, the sooner you address it, the greater the likelihood of a good resolution.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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