Underlying conditions in frozen shoulder

by Patty whyte
(Staten Island)

Hi, I was wondering about the possibility of another illness causing my double frozen shoulder. I've been in PT for a month with no change. Just pain and suffering; it's a very frustrating condition.

Should I be checked for other diseases. I'm in constant discomfort on different levels, night and day. I wish I knew of this horrible affliction before. I had never heard of this before I became the victim of this painful and debilitating pain.

Thanks. Patty W.

Hello Patty,
Yes, it is one of the most disabling and painful conditions. You're right; if it's in both shoulders then an underlying condition should be considered, particularly thyroid and diabetes. Have them checked.

The other underlying cause is often in the neck. Have it examined by a local chiropractor.

Sometimes, if you are getting calcium depositis in the shoulders then it could be diet related. How healthily do you eat? Increasing magnesium rich foods like spinach may help, and increasing the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in your diet. That means changing to olive oil and adding fatty fish and freshly ground flax seed to your diet.

Meantime, start the frozen shoulder exercises that you'll find at chiropractic help. Do them faithfully.

I hope this contributes

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