Unbearable pain after injections for Morton's neuroma

by Shelley
(London U.K. )

The cause of your Morton's neuroma is probably in the ankle

The cause of your Morton's neuroma is probably in the ankle

Unbearable pain after injections for Morton's neuroma confirms the need to consider conservative treatment for all conditions before the more invasive.

I broke both my ankles years ago in riding accidents many years ago. I have now developed Morton's Neuroma and had injections in both feet about 6 weeks ago. Since the injections my condition has worsened by 80% and I am now completely unable to walk and I am in unbearable pain. Like frost bite in the tips of my toes.

The doctor suggests more injections and says they haven't worsened but that the injections just haven't worked. I don't believe this. Before I could walk. Run, ride and generally get about. Now I feel like an invalid.

My ankles were not fused and I have trouble heel striking which has caused me to walk more on my toes which has caused the neuroma. I just don't know what to do next. At my wits end and cannot live with this pain any longer. Please help, I will do and pay anything to get my life back.

Hello Shelley,
There's good and bad news; the good is that this definitely can be helped; there aren't many folk who don't get at least some relief with chiropractic foot care, and the majority are much improved.

The bad news is that nobody is probably going to 'cure' it; fix it completely so that you have your old feet back. My own wife suffers from this, a mild case admittedly, and needs a treatment of her feet once a month.

You say you'll 'pay anything to get your life back'. Would you pay for a chiropractic treatment every four to six weeks, if you got 80% relief?

Start by doing our alphabet exercises; you'll find them by using the search function in the navigation bar on your left; near the top. Type in 'ankle exercises'. In your case focus more on mobilising the toes.

Then start looking for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; not all of my colleagues work on feet.

It sounds to me like your doctor is in denial; your instincts are right. Now you know why chiropractors hate horse riding, alas.

Dr B

» Unbearable pain after injections for Morton's neuroma

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