Truck Driver

by Judy
(columbus )

I have frozen shoulder; it started from a work related injury, my big mistake was going to Progressive Sports medicine in Gahanna Ohio, where the chiropractor works for the State. They said there was nothing wrong with me. Then they put the wrong company down, now I wrote it down what happen on a sheet of paper and they still put the wrong company! I should of known then it was not right then.

I have suffer for years with a rotator cuff and torn ACL for years; finally got surgery this year, and now I have frozen shoulder. The pain is so bad it makes my whole body jump! I try to control it but I can't. I am stress out broke because they my doctor don't want me to work, my arm is weak. I am ready to go to work.

Hello Judy,
It's really difficult for me to advise not knowing all the facts and not able to examine you; do you also have to load goods on the truck?

If it is a frozen shoulder, then you need gentle mobilising exercise. You can find some at Chiropractic Help using the search function. Did it freeze up after surgery? Then I'd revisit the surgeon and ask him for advice.

I'm sorry, I fear this isn't too helpful.

Dr B

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