Trauma survivor, registered nurse

by Dianna
(York NE USA)

I was assaulted while working at the prison. The inmate grabbed my hair/head in the back and jerked me around the room for 3-4 minutes while trying to evade staff. I could not hold my head up after the assault. I physically supported my head for the first week.

After 4 months I got an MRI (thanks workman's comp). I have a T2 compression fracture and moderate to severe left compression of the c5/c6.

I have traveling pain. My first severe Rt shoulder to thumb pain was Jan 28th, then again Feb 15th sending me to the ER with Lt shoulder pain and vommiting.

Now my pain goes from shoulders, to hands, to fingers, to knees, to ankles and I tested positive for RF. The shoulder pain starts in front of the joint. I cannot raise or lower my arm without horrific pain and popping in my shoulder and under my shoulder blade. I usually use an arm sling. After 4-6 days it is normal, with no pain.

It's a sorry tale, Dianna, and those whom you consulted should join the inmate; having to hold your head up like that means something serious had happened. Unfortunately with WC you have to be at death's door to get them to agree to some diagnostic testing.

Yours is very much an orthopaedic, or neurosurgical case; I'm not sure that chiropractic has much to offer at this stage. With an injury to the neck like you've had the structures in the arm weaken and the joints then become vulnerable. You've probably strained a muscle in the shoulder.

That pain radiating down to the thumb tells a story though; I'm sorry I don't have more to contribute. For the present at least stay in the medical world; and make tsunamis if WC refuses to support your case. Make threats of legal action.

Let me know in a month or two how you are getting on.

Dr B

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May 24, 2017
Neuro problems
by: Suzanne

Hi Dianna. So sorry to hear that. You would probably be better off submitting claims thru your medical insurance company and then having them subrogate the claims thru WC. I'm a nurse as well, and a year ago my brother suffered a C-spine injury from a fall from a standing position. It is amazing how fast the tables can turn with a neurological condition (now a quad). I would never want to see anyone go thru what he continues to go thru. Get to a good neurosurgeon and FAST. I heard Mayo clinic has a wonderful neuro clinic. How far are you from there?

Thanks Suzanne for a good helpful comment.

Dr B

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