Torn muscle in my shoulder

by Jan

I was knocked over by two dogs playing in October 2018; I went to the doctor in February, 2019, had a scan and was told that I had a muscle in my shoulder torn in two pieces and it would not heal.

I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon; he gave me exercises.

They were no good, so I am now going for chiropractic; I have had 8 sessions but I am still on eight paracetamol a day. I go back on Monday for more treatment. Are they listening to me with the muscle being torn?
Thank you
Mrs J Williamson

Dear Jan,
You are between a rock and hard place; it is all a matter of a correct diagnosis.

If the radiologist was correct in his reading of the scan, then I would agree with your doctor; it will not heal.

But the orthopaedic surgeon was obviously of a different opinion; otherwise he would not have wasted your time with exercises.

There is a difference between a torn muscle, and one that has ruptured; the latter will not heal.

Ask yourself honestly if there has been any improvement since starting with chiropractic help. If it is say thirty percent or more better then I would continue. Has the DC looked at the scan and given you his opinion? Has he seen the pictures? If not, get them and take them with you, and ask him to read them.

If it is really not improving since starting the chiropractic care, then with this history I would be inclined to ask for another opinion from a second orthopaedic surgeon.

I hope this contributes; keep us up to speed on what progress you are making.

Best wishes,

Dr Barrie Lewis.


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