Torn ankle ligament three months ago

Torn ankle ligament three months ago

I was playing netball that day and when I jumped high and landed, my left ankle sprained and became swollen. So for days I rested and it got better so after almost one week, there was another match scheduled so i decided to take part in it assuming my injury got better.

But that day again when I jumped up high and landed my other ankle sprained. This time it was much more painful than the other ankle. I couldn’t even lift my body up and i had to use the help of another player. I rested for a day and applied ice as well but my pain didn’t get any better. There was this blue/black colored stuff between my skin and the muscle too as in the picture used in this article.

And so I consulted an orthopedic surgeon and he indicated that there was a huge ligament tear so I would need to have a cast for at least 1 month.

Then I put the cast and when I removed it after 21 days there was little pain but I could (not?) press my feet against the ground.

For 5 days i did physiotherapy but the swollen ankle got bad and started to pain again, so I stopped going for physiotherapy. Due to the location where I live I had to walk a lot to reach my office too and I had to use all my leave for the plastered period so there is no other way I can get rest. This ligament tear happened four months ago and I am still in this suffering and most of all there is way I could start playing again.

Hello Saaima,
I'm afraid there's no possibility of sport right now. It was a serious mistake not to listen to your doctor; at least a month means thirty days or more, and that was conservative. It takes at least six weeks for ligaments to heal.

I'm afraid it's back to the surgeon for you; hat in hand, telling him you took the caste off early.

If no xrays were taken, then I would recommend that, just to be sure nothing was also broken.

Start the alphabet exercises several times a day; sitting on a high chair, with your foot off the ground, paint each of the letters of the alphabet in the air in front of you; get through all 26 at least every day.

Without being able to examine you, there's nothing else I have to offer; see that doctor. Soon.

Dr B

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