TMJ related trigeminal pain in ear

by Mrt

Hello, I had a problematic jaw because of chewing gum in the past. A month ago a pain started in my ear, apparently in middle ear. It was a neural pain, sharp and less then a second and was happening around 10-15 times a day. Then it is reduced and now more somewhere in between jaw joint and ear area, around trigeminal nerve. It especially happens when I open my mouth more than I should or even press the muscles on my cheek, or sudden neck movements.

I believe I have stimulated the Trigeminal nerve. Things started after I ate some chewy foods for several days. I want to do the exercises in your site but afraid if it will help or make it worse for people who already have neural pain around the ear and jaw. Thanks...

Hello Mrt,
The rule of thumb is to start any new exercise gently, and only one at a time.

It's okay to feel some discomfort, but if causes pain then it's best to stop, or at least do it more gently.

This is complex because there are three possible problem area; the inner ear, such as an infection, the jaw joint and your cervical spine. Each needs to be examined carefully and thoroughly to see whether it is the primary.

Seeing that it all started IN your ear, I'd start with an ENT specialist.

Dr B

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