TMJ pain

by RN
(Ashland, MA, USA)

Hi: I am 61 and I got this pain for the first time. I have been suffering for the past 3 months with no relief.
I tried Ibuprofen (3 tabs x3 times a day), acupuncture, mouth guard and several exercises but not the ones in this web site. I will try them today. Any other tips for the relief from this pain?

Hello RN,
What's really needed is a diagnosis in order to decide whether this is treatable or not, and you just have to live with it. That's means an examination from someone experienced in working with the TMJ.

I take you have consulted your dentist since you have a mouth guard and he would have considered other conditions that might be the cause of your pain. It is fairly unusual to start out of the blue at this stage of your life.

I'm not sure that I have anything else to offer. Sorry.

Dr B

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