TMJ pain spreading to palate and throat

What is a good exercise if your TMJ effects your hard palate? My jaw hurts on the left side, and so does the left side of my palate into my throat.

Hello Sara,
I'm not convinced this is just a TMJ syndrome; with this kind of radiation to the throat, I'd start with an examination by your GP.

Dr B

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Mar 23, 2016
Hard palate pain
by: Anonymous

I have been to my GP, ENT and Dentist nothing was found, but they keep coming back to the fact that I clench and grind. I wear a bite guard at night and they are thinking that could be causing my pain on the hard palate, just on the left side.

I feel like the pain radiates to the soft palate (left side only) that is what I would refer to as my throat. Sorry. I have had my bite guard adjusted twice by my dentist office over the past two months,and I'm still having an issue.

Is there is any type of stretching/exercise that might help with this on and off pain?

Yes, there are. Type TMJ exercises into the search this site function in the Navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Start them slowly and gently; go like a bull at a gate and they may make you sore.

Certainly bruxism is a major cause of jaw joint pain. Usually a bite help plate helps, but not always I suppose.

Have you seen a chiropractor who specialises in TMJ problems?

Dr B

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