'TMJ pain for two years

I have suffered from TMJ for at least 2 years now; I got into the habit of grinding sub conciously around 10 hours a day at work as a bus driver. My eyes are so messed up from my TMJ, and unless someone can give me relief i really am worried i may do something really stupid. Life just isn't worth living like this anymore; every day is unbearable.

But no matter what people have told me, and I've found online, NOTHING HELPS. I have no money to see a chiropractor as I had to leave my job. I dont know what to do. HELP.

There are two things you could try, Evan. Firstly the TMJ exercises at this site. They are more for prevention of the next episode, so I'm doubtful, but it costs you nothing.

The second is to get a bite plate to wear at night.

I'm afraid it needs treatment, and yes that costs. Save up your pennies, forego all your luxuries for a bit, and start looking for a chiropractor in your area who specialises in the jaw joint.

I'm afraid I can't be more helpful.

dr B

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