TMJ, neck strain, arm and TOS

by April
(League city texas)


I read about TOS HERE ON YOUR SITE THROUGH GOOGLE SEARCH. I am 28 female, and have had a list of symptoms and pain with the main life altering kind since 9 days ago today.

Starting in my jaw. Then also with my jaw, the neck, ER said strain. I had a episode today like the arm thing of TOS, have also had a sharp or throbbing pain along my left rib and yesterday and today my chest.

Once was into my back and that was during pain/ feeling in my spine and even my collar bone. I believe all this is linked from my jaw however i do not exercise and haven't done anything to cause body harm other than over yr ago car a finest hurt my neck several days later but had only a pinching feeling

A few days my neck after it stopped and a year later at that. My jaw alignment, joint is off and its hard to eat. I also had in last year off on a pain or pop in side or front my throat like a ring was off or pop out. Slightly painful or not at all, just uncomfortable.

My symptoms since 9 days ago started jaw alignment and jaw shutting once when eating hard on my front teeth, neck pain and strain and in to my head since 3 days ago. I have been mostly confined to sitting reclined in the recliner and if can eat soup or oatmeal or very mushed. The second day of this I had a thriving sharp pain in my head and head temples into back head to neck and top head throbbing sharp pain. It lasted hours then went away.

All of this is affiliated with my jaw and neck and spine where most pain or discomforts are. It is for sure messing with my nerves, at times balance and focus. I have two young kids to care for and husband works a lot so i really need help in figuring out where to go, who to see, and what to do to help or fix my jaw and all these seemingly growing symptoms.

Sometimes effecting my tongue, teeth, back right eye, head, spine. My husband doesn't understand.

Hello April,
It's good you've been to the ER to rule out a heart condition; pain in the chest, arm and jaw.

Because there is dizziness thrown in to this very complex mixture of symptoms, I'd stay with the medical world for a while. Let them assess you.

Once you have the all clear start looking for a chiropractor who works with the jaw joint. It's very interrelated with the neck, and you need someone who can work with both.

Talk to friends, perhaps phone your local chiropractic state organisation, ask your doctor; what chiro works with the jaw?

I hope this contributes.

dr B

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