TMJ mouth burning

Every site I go to or even my pcd & dentist do not know or understand the daily burning & raw irritation of the mouth. I have this 24/7. I am constantly sucking on sugar free antiseptic cough drops.

Even with a mouth guard in at bed time I can't sleep without using a cough drop to ease the burning mouth. Does anyone else have this issue?

Hello Cathy,
I doubt this has anything to do with your TMJ and I'm not surprised the mouth guard doesn't help.

You are allergic to something in your environment and I'm wondering if not something in those cough drops.

You have to examine EVERYTHING that you put into your mouth; it could be the chemicals added to most supermarket foods, or drugs, sweets you suck on, or a basic food like peanuts or pineapples that you are allergic to.

Go back to when the burning in your mouth started, and think about what has changed; your toothpaste?

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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