TMJ disfunction back after root canal infection

by Kathy
(Delavan, IL )

Could having an injection to numb a molar #19 to have a root canal have aggravated my tmjd to come back again? I have been in no pain since 2000 and not wearing my night guard to sleep with all these years and now suddenly after the root canal I am experiencing jaw pain again. They did have to go back 2 months later and redo the root canal because there was infection pus that came out when he was in it and on the xrays it is also into the gum and bone area. How could that happen? I have been in pain since October when the first root canal procedure was performed.

Hello Kathy,
Even under the best of conditions, there is risk of nosocomial, or hospital acquired, infection. And when you had the root canal, it was probably because of infection in the first place.

The infection itself is unlikely to have set off your TMJD, but opening the jaw for a prolonged period, perhaps over opening, could certainly be the problem.

It's all history now, and nothing is going to change that; trust your dentist to deal with the infection and see someone skilled in the jaw joint to help you.

And you do your part; remember that sugar promotes bacterial infection and plenty of citrus help fight that infection. See our lime nutrition page for details.

Good luck.

Dr B

Dr B

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