tingling tongue & joint pain

by wayne smith
(Farmville, VA, USA)

For about a year I've had tingling and tightness in my tongue and at times in my lower lips/teeth. I've occasional joint pain in places previously pain free (left ankle, left shoulder, etc.).

I've seen multiple docs including even some time with a chiro. My docs say they have ruled out autoimmune issues (for now). I continue to wonder if somehow this is related to nerve compression but my chiro said he had never heard of a tingling tongue caused by this. Really?

Your site (at least the page I was reading) mentioned a tingling tongue and lips but I didn't see where the solution was addressed. Thanks.

Hello Wayne,
I've seen tingling in the lips and tongue related to calcium metabolism, and in particular a disorder of the parathyroid gland. See your medical doctor.

No pain or clicking of the jaw joint?

Dr B

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