Tingling and pain in armpit and shoulder blade and a swollen lymph node

I am experiencing tingling and a burning sensation in shoulder blades; also dull pain in right armpit that shoots down my arm. Arm is weak and cramps at times.

Please help. I am scared. Had a breast ultrasound five months ago that came back okay just a swollen lymph node. Please help.

Hello Courtney,
Every woman, and I repeat every, should be getting lignans in her diet. They are a phytochemical with a chemical structure similar to the oestrogen in your body, and compete with your body's hormones at the breast sites.

Yesteryear, the common source was 100% wholemeal flour, but it's virtually impossible to get real bread these days; so the best solution is a tablespoon of flaxseeds that you grind yourself and add to your cereal; it's easy and cheap.

Breast cancer or even the threat of it IS scary and 'just a swollen gland' is a warning to take this important step.

See if you can detect which if any movements of your neck, midback and shoulder provoke the pain and tingling.

Note exactly which part of your arm is affected; prick the skin with a pin; is the sensation altered compared to the other arm?

Which part of your arm is weak? Is it in the hand, or is it one of the shoulder muscles? Can you do a press up? The triceps is often affected. Has anyone tested the reflexes in your arm?

If there is deep tenderness in the upper arm, or you have a cough, then x-rays are indicated.

There are really so many possibilities but it will help your doctor if you can go with answers to these questions. You need a thorough examination.

Let me know what comes of it.

Flax seed nutrition information

Dr B

» Tingling and pain in armpit and shoulder blade and a swollen lymph node

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