tight tendons in foot

by Wendy Shawe
(Amanzimtoti- South Africa)

About 2 months ago I had a fall resulting in a very painful ankle. It did not swell nor did bruising show for at least 5 days. I did not see a doctor as I thought it was minor.

All of a sudden in the last 2 days, the top of the foot looks quite swollen and I have difficulty in moving my toes. There is a bit of pain when I move the toes manually. Could this be as a result of what I presume was a strained ankle.

Should I see my GP and get x-rays or just wait a while? There is no redness or bruising showing at the moment. I am able to walk but it is more comfortable barefoot.

Hello Wendy,
If it didn't swell for 5 days, and you thought it minor, I doubt you have broken anything. Rather first a good examination of the foot to find out just what happened.

It is likely related to the original injury. It's hard for me to be specific but it certainly needs attention.

I'd recommend Dr Andrew Jones in Toti, he is specialised in sports chiropractic, and would give you the right advice.

Dr B

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