tietzes syndrome


I had tietzes syndrome in 1998. florida hospital got 5 doctors together and said i had tietzes syndrome. they gave me indocin at 25 mg for 3 times a day for 2 months. i was cured and i had suffered for i year with the tietzes syndrome. indocin is a cure.

Hello Frances,
Of course I'm delighted that the treatment helped you, but your story is what is known as an anecdote. It carries zero weight and scientifically there is no evidence that anything cures the condition.

Did you have a swollen nodule on the breastbone? You wouldn't have a photograph by any chance?

True Grade IV Tietzes syndrome has a swollen lump on the joint between the rib (or the collarbone) and the breastbone.

Keep well.

Dr B

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