Tietzes Syndrome

Mm, not sure that pulling your leg would affect your ribs, but obviously something did. I'm uncertain about that "pop" in your chest, it's possible it was radiating from your hip that he was mobilising. But you felt it was there.

It makes no difference. You have chest pain. It the pain on both sides? Rib pain isn't usually bilateral, but it can be.

When you breathe deeply, is the pain in the midback, or under the armpit, or at the breastbone. If you press on the joint between the offending rib and the breastbone, is it tender?

A cracked rib is also a possibility.

I would ice the area that's sore, and ask your chiropractor not to adjust your midback (lying on your tum) too hard. If it's a Tietze beginning, that may increase the pain.

Work with your chiro, tell him exactly what his happening. He'll help you get over it.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

I was recevung chiropractic treatment for a hip problem. The doctor was giving my left leg a pull at the end of each adjustment. The third time he did this, he pulled quite hard and I felt a pop in the middle of my chest. I felt nothing else the rest of the day but the next day I felt a pain like a sore muscle when I laid on my back or when I lifted my head from lying position it felt strained all across my chest. It has been three weeks now and the pain is only when I breath deeply or lift or move a certain way, like getting out of bed or bending. I have had a couple of adjustments since and nothing has gotten better or worse.

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