Tietzes syndrome

by Liz

I have a small hard swelling between my breasts just as the picture shows. It is not painful. I noticed it when I suffered from a bad cough which lasted almost two weeks. It's been three weeks now, the cough is gone but the hard swelling is still there. I also feel as though I have something stuck in my throat most of the time though I am able to swallow food as normal. I had this issue in 2006-2008 but it went away on its own. Scans done back then showed nothing. It recurred in 2019 after my cough.

Hello Liz,
When you feel something internal, like in your throat then it is definitely time to see your doctor first before considering a chiropractor. More tests need to be done and until then no one will be sure what is ailing you.

Let us know what comes of it.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

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