tietzes syndrome

by Casey Jensen
(middelfart denmark)

Tietzes syndrome

I am a 22 year old girl living in Denmark; I have had extreme pains in my chest on and off for 6 years. I noticed a massive bubble, swelling, under my left collarbone when I was 16 while stretching after a long run.

I was after many tests diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. Unfortunately neither physio, medicine, rest or acupuncture helped.

After many more years trying to find a treatment that works I found out 6 months ago I have tietze's syndrome, probably sterno clavicular.

I have had to stop all forms of exercise as even getting my pulse up on a bike will trigger the swelling which leads to extreme pain in my arm and loss of feeling in my ring and small finger.

I would love to have some information as to how a chiropractor can help me as there is little to no knowledge of the disease here.

I feel disabled as a 22 year old and find tasks such as washing and putting my hair up an issue. My boyfriend has to wash my hair for me! I am normal in weight and live a very fit lifestyle, non smoker, non drinker, and eat a very balanced organic diet.

Hello Casey,
This is indeed likely Tietzes syndrome. Do you also suffer from indigestion? However, that can only be confirmed by a thorough and careful examination from a chiropractor familiar with Tieteze's syndrome. Can you send me a photograph when the lump is present?

When it affects the sterno clavicular joint it does become intimately tied up with thoracic outlet syndrome, which also seems likely as you have problems with arms raised. That closes down the inter scalene triangle through which the artery and brachial plexus to your arm must pass.

Frankly I struggled with patients with this condition for twenty five years before I worked out a solution, so I'm not suggesting that every chiropractor on the block can successfully treat Tietze's syndrome, or even has ever heard of it.

I would recommend you start looking for a chiropractor in your area who would be interested in tackling your case. If he or she is up to it, we could discuss how I manage Tietzes syndrome, either by email, or on skype. Take your time locating the right person. Talk to friends and family and your GP. Perhaps go for an examination without treatment to discuss your case.

What I can tell you is that a heavy posterior to anterior thoracic manipulation is likely to aggravate the condition.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Dr B

PS. Please your computer and not your not so smartphone. Correcting grammar is not my forte.

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