tietzes syndrome

by Rita

Tietzes syndrome

I am a 19 year old female. My whole second rib is swelling.I guess its the second rib cause its below the collar bone.This started a month ago and i just noticed it was there after a heavy routine of dancing. I don't know if that can be considered as trauma.

There is also a lump near the costosternal joint. The pain is not a problem becuase it's more like a slight ache. It feels very uncomfortable and if I poke around the area it gets even more uncomfortable.

At first it was in the right side but now it feels like it's spread to the left also. I am taking the medications for costrochondritis but the sweeling still persists.

Sometimes I fell this shooting/stabbing pain but not while breathing>.

I also have pain in the upperback near the neck region but that was there from long time ago not a month as i have some problem with my posture. Is this Tietzes syndrome?

Hello Rita,
I would say the chances are fairly great that it's Tietzes syndrome but what's needed is a good clinical examination which may include a chest X-ray.

That lump points to Tietzes but there are other conditions that can mimic it. No cough? Lymph nodes okay? Smoker? Pain down the arm? Indigestion? No breast conditions?

As you can see it's complex. But, yes, probably Tietzes syndrome.

Because it's not generally reckoned to be an inflammatory condition, anti inflammatories probably wouldn't help.

You've read this page on Tietzes syndrome I presume.

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Dr B

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