Tietzes syndrome

by sharon ojha

Tietzes syndrome

I have swelling over 2nd costo-sternal joint on the right side. I also have some pain over that area but the pain is more of "on-off" type...pain is not severe or terrible but it feels like a dull ache...i have had this for a month and my doc said its chostochondritis..but the swelling is not going away and i'm an 18 year old girl..what is this?

Hello Sharon,
Beautiful English, congratulations, you write better than many English speaking people.

Your doctor is almost certain right. It's old-fashioned name is Tietzes syndrome.

It's a complex condition, often related to a problem in the upper middle back where the rib attaches to the spine. Any upper back / lower neck pain? Any radiation down the arm.

I know of no chiropractors in Nepal so I'd recommend ice on the swollen joint, massage it with an ice block, followed by heat, and then on the upper back. Massage along the whole rib would be helpful but it goes very deep in the shoulder.

Cold hot therapy ...

Could you please attach a digital photograph of the lump. You'll have to move the camera around to get the light just right, not easy to photograph.

I hope this contributes.

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Dr B

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