Tietzes Syndrome

by Natalie
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Tietzes Syndrome

The pain is on my right side. It travels slightly down my neck. The pain is radiating to the side of my right breast. I also had pain in my jaw this afternoon. It goes right through me to the otherside of my back

Hello Natalie,
Firstly, it's good that the pain is on the right side of your chest. That means a heart condition is unlikely, one of the great fears because with chest pain one first needs to rule out angina.

The classic sign of Tietzes syndrome is tenderness and in a Grade IV actual swelling over the junction between the ribs and the breastbone. Palpate... is one side distinctly more tender than the other?

There is often associated mid backpain and along the rib, under or just above or below the breast.

If the Tietze's syndrome affects the first rib or collarbone then associated neck and arm pain are frequent.

Take a look at this Tietzes syndrome casefile ...

Sometimes a breast examination and lung X-ray are indicated.

Concerning the jaw pain, it's more likely related to a problem with a tooth, sometimes sinus, and often jaw joint conditions. TMJ anatomy ...

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Dr B

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