Tietzes Syndrome

Hi Barrie,

Please refer me to a Chiropractor in Bellevue, WA for the sprung Rib problem (Tietze's syndrome) as described on your website. My wife got this from our Chiropractor and he does not have a clue about a resolution.


Hello Haneet,
I'm sorry about this, but the truth is, in the early days I caused some too. The resolution mostly is not difficult, but is highly specific.

I'm afraid I don't know of any chiros in Bellevue. Instead, if s/he's open to it, may I suggest your chiro email me at CONTACT. Then perhaps we can Skype each other, and I can go through the protocol for fixing it with him.

Hopefully he's open to learning some new tricks, and humble enough to want to learn.

Meantime, I suggest your wife take an iceblock to the shower or bath, ice the joint until very cold, and then into hot water, re-ice, hot again... at least once a day, preferably more if it's acutely painful.

Let me know.

Dr B

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May 20, 2011
rsd / frozen shoulder / C8 neuropathy
by: Anonymous

Some time ago i posted about a slip and fall and ende up with a shoulder injury, I had two surgerys and all kinds of pt.. Since day one i complained about lose of feeling in two small fingers and the inside of my shoukder and arn burning and very painful to use and touch , with lots of swelling and sweating. the pain hurts so bad i can not describe it. I have now been told by the theripist and the nureoligist and pain drs i have rsd and it need to be treated very aggressivley. i have been told how they will treat it but does any one else have any in put please , thans gary

Hello Gary,
Yes, of course I remember.

Firstly, you have a typical C8 neuropathy that is the underlying cause of your problem. That nerve root supplies the pinkie and ring finger and is responsible for the sensory changes being experienced.
It could in fact be an incipient Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - I call it the First Rib syndrome - as the C8 nerve lies on the first rib as it exits from the chest cavity via the Thoracic Outlet. Adson's is the test to confirm it.
One of these two is causing all your sensory symptoms. The burning, pain to touch.

The sweating is interesting. It means that the autonomic nervous system has been affected.

Then clearly to top it all is an injury to the shoulder itself. It appears to be turning into a frozen shoulder from what you describe. RSD is not a nice diagnosis, but I'd like to see the others ruled out first. Use the Search this site function at C-H.

Read: http://www.bernard-preston.com/ARM-PAIN-Case-Histories.html (the second case)

Gary, whilst this is obviously a difficult case, it's the kind of condition that chiropractors treat on an every day basis. Start looking for a thorough, conscientious chiro in your area. It's vital your neck and first rib are examined carefully before any medical high-jinks. Take any X-rays and scans with you.

Keep in touch.

Dr b

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