Tietzes Syndrome looking like a huge tumor

by Danny
(Pacheco, California...USA)

Tietze's Syndrome looking like a huge tumor should have the diagnosis confirmed.

I am having problems moving breathing sleeping nothing helps the pain no matter how I try I can't get comfortable. I use icepacks and it helps the swelling slightly but does not help the pain very much. I'm at the end of my rope; I need some kind of serious relief and I have no idea how to go about getting help; my general practitioner can't help; the swelling looks like I have a huge tumor growing out of the right side of my chest so any help and or advice would be very much appreciated.

Hello Danny,
My advice is to see a specialist physician; I'm questioning the diagnosis. I have never seen Tietze's syndrome looking like a "huge tumour".

Then, once you've had the diagnosis confirmed, you need to start hunting for a chiropractor who knows about this condition; you may have a long search.

I must confess it took me 25 years to work out how to treat this nasty condition; chiropractic, nor any medical treatment will 'cure' it, but our treatment certainly provides much relief.

Tietze's syndrome like diabetes is one of the conditions that no one can cure, but it can be well managed.

I'd be very happy to have a Skype call with your chiropractor should he so desire.

Could you take a photo of your chest, from various angles, in different light to bring out the best effect, and send it to Contact?

Dr B

» Tietzes Syndrome looking like a huge tumor

Sincerely,Danny W.Soto

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