Tietze's syndrome for forty years

I have experienced this pain off and on for almost 40 years! Started as a teenager with several bouts of costochondritis. The attacks the past 10 years have been different; normally feel it start with my middle rib area in the back, radiating around my ribs to the front, traveling under the breast up to the sternum. Now it is also affecting my collarbone area. Very frustrated to have suffered this for so long, has anyone else had the problem recur for that many years?

I'm afraid that it does tend to become a chronic so your story is not unusual.

Any of the joints connecting bones the sternum can be affected, hence now the move up to the sterno-clavicular joint. Do you get any tingling in the arm? It may also affect the brachial plexus in the 'thoracic outlet'.

Your presentation is fairly typical.

Dr B

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