Tietzes syndrome / costochondritis! melissa uk

by melissa gillen
(Glasgow UK)


Hi Dr B,
I emailed you a few weeks ago and you replied to me saying that in your opinion I was suffering from chronic tietze's syndrome! I was referred to a pain clinic at my local hospital and the doctor who was very nice said he didn't think it was with the symptoms I gave him.

He said he thinks it's to do with the nerves there still over sensitive and he gave me acorxia tablets, lidocaine patches.

I disagree with him to be honest and I feel sore when I move, its stiil the same discomfort as before and I have asked to be referred back but I have been told I will have to wait a year maybe which I can't do as I have been suffering for 2 years so far.

So I went to a chiropractor who said I had a rib out at my spine which was the T4 and T5, he said he would put it in with manipulation and that I would be sore for a little while and that it would be uncomfortable. I told him what you told me the last time and that you were willing to skype with him but he said there was no need as he knew he was right anyway.

I refrained from this as I don't want any more pain or discmofort on my ribs I can hardly do anything as it is, so can you advise me further I don't feel they are listening properly and the doctor at the pain clinic has referred me to a psychologist!!!

Hello again Melissa,
"I refrained from this". I don't quite get it - did you have any chiro treatment? Did the Chiropractic treatment help? How many times did you go? Has he given you any rehab therapy? Or, did he think he could perform a miracle with one treatment?

Frankly it's a difficult condition. It took me 25 years in practice to figure out how to treat it.

Like I said, a heavy manipulation in the middle of the back - posterior to anterior - is likely to aggravate the condition.

Shop around until you find someone who does listen to you! With whom you can connect. Hard, but there is no other way.

Medicine tends to do this: when they can't fix something, or don't understand it, they place the blame on the patient. It's all your fault, the pain must be between the ears. Treat that with the disdain it deserves! This pain is certainly not psychological, tho it may make you depressed!


I'm afraid there will be no miracles. I haven't examined you, so I'm not even really sure of the diagnosis. But the symptoms fit...

Keep active, move, stretch, but to win with it, some very specific chiropractic treatment is needed.

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