tietzes syndrome / breastbone pain

by deborah
(new port richey, florida)

tietzes syndrome / breastbone pain

my pain started with a loud pop in my chest. so loud i thought someone had shot me. that was a year ago. i am still having pain tho not as severe as in the beginning but i still am sleeping in a sitting position in my bed w/about 25 pillows, any other position gives me horrible pain...i have found no relief or answers.

Hello Deborah,
Gosh you have had a torrid time from this nasty condition. Is the breastbone-rib actually swollen? If so, please attach a photograph to this page.

Start by going to our hot cold page and make yourself a simple cup ice massager. Do it daily in the shower, alternating cold and hot.

After your shower, place a little cream next to your breastbone and gently massage with your fingers between the ribs, moving from the breastbone towards the breast.

The pain usually travels along the rib to/from the midback. For that you need to see a chiropractor. But beware, talk about it to your chiro, a heavy Post-Ant adjustment will worsen this condition. An "anterior thoracic" is more effective.

Good luck, I hope you find a solution. It's something I deal with on a daily basis.

Dr B

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