Tietzes syndrome associated with thoracic outlet syndrome

by Amber
(Toronto, Ont. Canada)

I have chronic thoracic back pain that feels like it either goes straight through to my sternum (breastbone) or it wraps around my ribs. Somedays the pain is crippling, I take a 100 mg MS CONTIN (long acting morphine) twice daily, and I'm still in debilatating pain. Severe chronic pain can cause extreme depression, the feeling of not be able to go on, not wanting to suffer anymore, feeling useless.

Not being able to go to work, or do housework, unable to care for your children the way they need to be cared for, not being able to care for yourself the way you would like to, it affects every aspect of my life.

Hello Amber,
Have you seen a chiropractor? If not, there's hope for you. This is a condition that I treat on almost a daily basis. It's true that severe debilitating cases like yours are less common. Yesterday a new patient with exactly this problem.

Having said that, the treatment protocol is highly specific, something I've developed myself. One very important fact: a HEAVY chiropractic adjustment in the middle of the back (P to A) may aggravate the condition.

I take it you have had X-rays of your spine and chest and there are no nasties lurking. If not, get some.

Why do you say associated with TOS? Do you have pain or tingling in an arm?

Had breast surgery? That increases the incidence of troubles with Tietze's syndrome.

Any indigestion? A swollen lump on your breastbone? Please send a photo.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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