Tietzes syndrome and bulging discs

by Kathy
(clifton park ny)

Tietzes syndrome of the SC joint.

Tietzes syndrome of the SC joint.

Tietzes syndrome and bulging discs

I have bulding discs from c2 to c7 and Tietze syndrome,my pain meds help my back ,but do not touch my rib cage,i have beeen disabled for 7 yrs

the pain doctor keeps giving me anti inflamatory drugs and oxcdone/325 that helps my back,no one knows how to treat this syndrome,

when it first occacured the dotors thought I was crazy,the hospitals too,

I got labled as a drug seeker,and know one knows how to treat it,nothing helps either,I was on antiscokics ,seizie meds,got injections nothing works,unless I am on strong pain meds ,and nobdy wants to give them to me,

I do not know what to do ,it is depressing and not even my family understand it. Please help.

Hello Kathy,
Be comforted, yours is not an unusual tale, and it reflects on the ignorance of all the doctors who have treated you, not on you.

One thing they have now got right. Meds do not help, and if they read their own research they would know that. And I'm afraid when doctors don't know what to do (and that includes chiropractic doctors) they often blame the patient. It's all YOUR fault!

So, stop taking those toxic meds, they won't fix it.

Anyway, now for the positive. Tietze's syndrome is very treatable. Do you have a painful swollen nodule where the rib meets the breastbone, or is it just sore?

You've already said you have pain in the middle of the back, that's where it's all coming from, but the treatment is very specific and the wrong chiropractic treatment will only increase your pain.

I know! It's taken me 25 years to work out how to treat this little monster that's plaguing you, and I often in my ignorance made it worse in the first 25 years.

Do you have any pain in your collarbone or your arm?

Can you be patient for another couple weeks? I've just given a lecture at our chiropractic convention on the treatment of Tietzes syndrome, and it will be on the web once I've got my life in order. Come back to Chiropractic-Help in a few weeks.

Meantime, shed the guilt, you're not the one to blame, and start icing the joint. Take an ice cube to the shower or bath, and put alternating ice and heat on your breastbone where it hurts.

Dr B

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