Tietze's Syndrome after pleurisy

by Lauren
(Tulsa, OK)

After a confusing round of misdiagnosis, we realized I had a rib that shifts in my back and tietze syndrome. 2 months of chiro have mostly resolved my pain. Until the last week when I car ride set off an angry muscle spasm in my back. Mostly it just sits and throbs in my back. Stretching helps briefly. Heat and cold also help. Looking for some advice on how to treat these muscles as they adapt to their new (correct) location.

A weird additional story- the onset of this was pleurisy... so either resting too much or some run away inflammation caused my ribs to get out of whack. That part is still a bit murky.

I appreciate your time. Your website has been so helpful.

Hello Lauren,
Perhaps not so weird; were you not coughing a lot with the pleurisy?

Thank you for your story and I'm glad that it's resolving; an occasional but regular treatment probably lies in the future. Your chiropractor will tell you how often.

Dr B

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