Tietze syndrome with over 20 years of pain

by Susan

I have a large bump where the rib meets the sternum. By bump I mean that it is like the rib itself is displaced. I have been looking into costochondritis and Tietze syndrome for years but have not been able to get this solved.

I am currently seeing a chiropractor for active release therapy for ongoing neck and shoulder issues. I have made him aware of this problem but due to the acute neck issues we have not attempted to deal with this. I would like to duct him to your information. What do you suggest I send to him?

Hello Susan,
You don't actually say that the bump hurts; is it painful or simply unsightly? If the latter I would recommend leaving it alone.

You could direct him to our Tietze's syndrome page.

My only important comment is that a vigorous midback manipulation will aggravate this condition.

He can of course contact me for the protocol that I use in treating Tietze's syndrome. It needs to be managed rather than cured.

Dr B

» Tietze syndrome with over 20 years of pain

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