thumbs on both hands hurt.

by Christine Shattler
(Citrus Springs, FL)

Thumbs hurt, even when doing nothing. Very painful after doing housework, golfing or skiing. Driving also bothers. Family doctor said it must be arthritis and gave a shot in right thumb joint. Helped for about two months.

Do you think a Chiropractic Doctor can help????

Hello Christine,
It depends rather on your age, because that would give a better idea of the type of arthritis. The Metacarpal-carpal joint in the thumb is the most arthritic joint in the body. Osteoarthritis can certainly be helped, just like all arthritic joints, but rheumatoid is more difficult.

I'm dealing with a patient with OA in a joint in the hand, and he says it's about 50% better with mobilization of the joint, exercise, omega-3 oil and chicken bones bouillon. About a month.

Use alternating ice and heat for pain control.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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