Thumb contracts involuntarily with nerve pain

by Lee

Hi! Wow, your site is really informative! Maybe you can help me figure out a silly thumb issue I've been having. I definitely have a lot of typical complaints for TOS, but wondering if TOS can cause the issue I'm experiencing. Every so often my right thumb suddenly becomes stuck to my palm (like I'm giving the scouts honor). It is a very intense nerve pain on the palmer side, and down the anterior mid wrist and at times I feel it all the way up the back of my arm. I can not pull my thumb back without manually grabbing it with my other hand. The longer it stays that way, the worse the pain. I haven't been able to consistently rule in or out a pinched nerve at the wrist or elbow attempting different positioning. Any thoughts? It's not ruining my life, just that it's a bit disturbing when it happens.

I'm afraid this has me beat, Lee. I doubt it has anything to do with TOS.

I'd start by doing a basic neurological examination, in particular are any of the reflexes increased.

If you've had this for more than a month and it's not resolving, then an opinion from a neurologist is called for.

Please let me know when you have a diagnosis; I'm intrigued and sorry I have nothing to contribute.

Dr B

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Aug 20, 2020
The Answer is...
by: Lee

Thanks Dr. B! So sorry for the delay in response. I did see a neurologist, and it turned out to be Multiple Sclerosis! Needless to say, the thumb spasm is only a minor issue these days, ha!

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