Test for tmj

by Holly
(Elizabethton TN)

Test for tmj

Are there any test to determine if my problem is the tmj joint or Trigeminal neralgia nerve? Also, I have read that if the tmj is misaligned that it can press on the trigeminal nerve. I also, have degenetive disk in my neck and a goiter could any of those cause gum and teeth pain when I chew?

Hello Holly,
Not that I know of. There are two types of trigeminal pain. Firstly, a condition called tic douloureaux, of the nerve itself. Secondly, more commonly one of the tissues supplied by the trigeminal nerve. The jaw joint, the jaw muscles, the teeth, gums, sinuses, skin of the face etc.

Each has to be considered in its own right. Could it be the source of the pain? As a rule of thumb if you have pain in the jaw joint, or gums for example, then it's best to assume that is the source of your pain.

Just to complicate matters, the sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve is found in the upper neck, so the pain is often also felt there.

So, a bit of minefield.

Dr B

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