Tailbone moved to left in an injury

by Jaikishan
(Mysore, Karnataka, India)

i sat on the cot's edge which had a not so blunt but pointing corner, result Tailbone moved to left, when i went to doctor he asked if i had vibrating pain(i din't have that pain) in my leg when i'm on my back with one leg raised 90 degree, but i had pain when i sit, while bumping a small pathole in the roade while riding bike and severe pain while seated in car.

how can i correct the dislocation by EXERCISES, is there a way.

Hello Jaikishan,
It's unlikely you can correct this problem with exercises.

What I would start with is making or buying a cushion with a hole in the centre, and making sure you don't sit on the coccyx. See our coccyx cushion page.

There aren't many chiropractors in India so i'm not sure what else to suggest. Sorry.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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