Swollen finger joints and frozen shoulder

Swollen finger joints and frozen shoulder

I've got swollen finger joints and can't make a fist with my right hand. My right shoulder is also limited and was dx as frozen shoulder.

I've been to 8 doctors and have had X-rays and MRI of my hand and wrist and an ultrasound of the axilla. Blood tests have all turned out "normal" as well.

The pt I go to works on me from my neck to my fingers using terms like connective tissue manipulation.

I noticed today that when my hands swell, my shoulder is much more limited. Could I be onto something?

I have no pain in my hands. The current diagnosis is osteoarthritis and tendonopathy in my hands.

I'm 55 and a teacher and not overweight nor do I have any health problems other than this. My family history is the same. I exercise regularly doing Zumba several times a week. What do you think? Oh and rsd was mentioned early on.

I did test for carpal tunnel and sadly was positive for that. I wear a brace at night and try everything and anything that sounds feasible.

Thank you for a very comprehensive report. I wish everyone wrote so concisely. Sigh!

My thoughts were initially of rsd too, but that usually comes after trauma or surgery. So I doubt.

Do you have any neck pain? Do any movements of the neck produce lower neck, shoulder or hand/arm pain or tingling?

Do just the knuckles swell, or the whole hand? Could you attach a photo of both hands please. you are certainly in the age group likely to have Heberden's nodes in the distal finger joints. Google it.

Do something please. Lie on your back, and flex your right shoulder, bring it straight up and over behind you. Compare right and left. Now with your arm pointing straight to the ceiling, turn your whole arm inwards and outwards at the shoulder. R vs L?

Does the pain and tingling in your hand include the pinkie? Not the painful knuckles, does the pinkie feel involved? There's likelihood of nerve irritation, but I'm inclined against carpal tunnel syndrome being the primary diagnosis. That limited shoulder movement points to some other underlying cause. Is taking a t-shirt off, getting into a jacket difficult?

I would be thinking along the lines of a cervical facet syndrome or a thoracic outlet syndrome or even a cervical rib.

Has anyone tested the radial pulse in your wrist whilst you turn your head, look up and take in a deep breath? Adson's test.

There's a lot of info on this subject at this website. Read further, using the Search this site function. Search this site …

Let me have some answers and we'll see if can direct your further. Meantime, perhaps start hunting for a thorough chiropractor in your area.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Dr B

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