Sudden ankle pain

My left ankle has become swollen around the inner ankle bone, however, there is no bruising. I have pain, and am limping despite not knowing how I might have injured it.

2 weeks ago my daughter married, I wore some slip on 1" heels for the ceremony but then danced barefoot and felt fine, even great. I noticed no injury or pain, but pain a week after the wedding and now to accompany that, I have inner arch pain and just today I felt like just moving my ankle I might have torn something on the top of my ankle that runs down to the inflamed bone.

3 years ago I had 2 partial knee replacements. While it certainly made me mobile again, I have more problems with my feet than ever. My doctor said I'm fine, but of course arthritis will creep into my knee again eventually. I don't know what's going on. HELP?

I'm not sure either; it's probably not related to the dancing if a week later, but odd you don't remember anything. If it's swollen, you've definitely done something.

Perhaps try our alphabet exercises for a week; use the search function at Chiropractic Help.

After that if no improvement start looking for someone who works regularly with feet and ankles. Not just expensive orthotics.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Your weight?

Dr B

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