Subtalar joint damage causing 20 years of pain

by Chris
(Florida USA)

I have had subtalar joint pain for 20 years. I am age 61.

When I was 41 I had a very bad sprain. It seemed to heal quickly but the damage was lurking underneath. A year after the sprain it began to hurt again and has hurt ever since.

Health care here is very fragmented. It is impossible to have one person follow your condition. With the sprain I took care of it myself basically. I was only seen one time. Now I cannot walk on my heel for 20 years.

I was a very active hiker and loved the outdoors. I miss that. I believe my life will end sooner than it should from missing the hiking that I loved so much. All I can do is ride a bike, and I do that very well. I am healthy everywhere except in my ankle.

I miss walking and being free to walk where and when I please. Every doctor I see tells me I am not a surgical case. "Wear an orthotic" they say, which does nothing to help the condition. I feel like my foot is swollen deep inside, not on the surface. That's all.

Hello Chris,
The best I have to offer is to recommend you start hunting for someone with a FICS qualification; sports chiropractic specialisation. Phone your local state association.

We work with feet all the time and I think it likely you can get at least some relief; how much is difficult to assess after twenty years; don't expect miracles.

You might also start our ankle exercises; they are simple.

You are right; the family practitioner whom you consult for decades is a rare breed today.

Dr B

» Subtalar joint damage causing 20 years of pain

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