sternum rib pain

by Diane
(stoughton ma)

Hello, Dr b, it's Diane, I apologize for the misprint. I mean to write a hernia. I was just wandering. tieze syndrome could also cause stomach to bloat? Still waiting for appt for scope in Boston. I will get back to you.

Hello Diane,
A spammer got hold of your thread so I may have mistakenly banned you and him from the thread, so start here anew.

Because the diaphragm attaches to the ribs, many people with Tietzes also get digestive / abdominal symptoms.

But because your case is slightly unusual, I think all these other "medical" conditions need to be ruled out, before we conclude that your problems are all caused by Tietzes.

Let me know when you've had the scan.

Dr B

PS. Yes, please do check your spelling, grammar etc before hitting the send button! Others are reading these pages. Hence keep your last name off.

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